Stack Funds – BTCX Option Income Fund

Stack Funds is an issuer of Cryptocurrency Access Products (CAPs) including trackers, indexes and structured vehicles for institutions.

BTCX Option Income Fund utilizes covered options on Bitcoin with an aim to gain consistent yields for investors.

A provider of Cryptocurrency Access Products (CAPs)

Stack’s BTCX Option Income Fund adopts a yield-based strategy by selling Covered Options on Bitcoin. Utilizing a simple covered call/put approach that is 100% backed by the underlying asset (Bitcoin), the fund is able to minimize downside exposure, while earning income on premiums for investors.

Despite the digital asset ecosystem continuing to mature, the ability for accredited and corporate investors to deploy sizable capital into the cryptocurrency market still remains a challenge. The fragmentation of service providers in conjunction with the various levels of counterparty risk has resulted in complex structures that do not meet fiduciary standards of corporate investors and institutions alike.

Stack, a provider of institutional-grade digital asset offerings, has launched compliant and regulated traditional structures, known as Cryptocurrency Access Products (CAPs). These products are structured as traditional open-ended funds backed by the physical asset, yet they provide a degree of cost efficiency, security and governance that cannot be reproduced through any other means of acquisition.

Each Cryptocurrency Access Product (CAP) is structured as an open-ended investment fund with daily Net Asset Value (NAV) reporting. All vehicles hold 100% physical assets as the base layer, and can be liquidated at any time with no gate at fund or subscriber level. No leverage is utilized for any of Stacks products.

Basic overview

Fund DomicileCayman Islands
StrategyYield / Arbitrage / Hedge Fund
InvestorsAccredited / Institutional

Fund Information

Fund NameBTCX Option Income Fund
StrategyCovered call/put approach
Management Fee2%
Performance Fee20% of yield returns
CustodyThird Party


COOMatthew Dibb
CMOMichael Collett
Head of ResearchLennard Neo

Contact info
Address30 Cecil Street, #19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712
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