A yield fund focused on regular cash-flow

Founded in July 2019 and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the privately-held investment company’s primary purpose is to serve the financial and investment needs of its principal and his family, as well as of the company co-founders.

The Digital Asset Income & Growth (DAIG) Fund SP is a fully compliant multi-asset fund launched by St. Gotthard Fund Management in 2019 and is part of the St. Gotthard Global Fund SPC. The investment objective of the Digital Asset Income & Growth Fund is to provide investors with a regular cashflow by investing predominantly in a portfolio of worldwide income generating digital assets, with a portfolio target yield above that of traditional financial assets.

The fund seeks a non-traditional return profile by utilizing a diversified range of income generating strategies, while at the same time aiming to capitalise on each digital asset’s potential to reach the investment managers assessment of its intrinsic value. Quarterly review and rebalancing policies are in place and governed by an investment committee.

The strategy allows to move portions of assets into cash and stablecoins depending on levels of market drawdown, capped at a limit of 25% per asset. The income generating nature of the strategy aims to decrease overall investment drawdown risk via regular reallocations of digital asset risk, back into the reference currency.

Basic overview

Fund DomicileCayman Islands
InvestorsAccredited / Institutional
AUM$1- $10m


Contact info

AddressGotthardstrasse 14
6300 Zug
LinkedinClick here

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