Shuttle Fund

Shuttle Fund was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in New York, NY. The strategy aims to gain efficient exposure to a new digital asset class.

Shuttle Fund Advisor’s strategy operates at the top of the risk curve and aims to benefit from exposure to new and innovative digital assets, including digital currencies, distributed application tokens, smart contracts and decentralized autonomous organizations.


Focusing primarily on its Digital Beta fund strategy.

Shuttle Fund is a collaborative group of global digital asset experts. The fund leverages the group’s combined experience in hedge funds, venture capital, investment management, computer science, and international entrepreneurship to create an investment strategy that embraces cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Shuttle Fund Advisor LLC is a registered Commodity Pool Operator.  Shuttle Master Fund is the group’s digital asset and cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund that takes positions in the spot cryptocurrency market. The fund’s objective is to generate alpha via partially activist investment in cryptocurrencies, whilst also leveraging the asset classes’ unique ability to operate as a natural hedge against systemic events.  The fund has a long-term investment focus that aims to exploit investment opportunities across the cryptocurrency universe.

Basic overview

Fund NameShuttle Fund
Fund DomicileUS
StrategyFund of Funds / Venture
InvestorsAccredited / Institutional
AUM$10 – $20m


CEONeil Fillary
CIOBrad Chun

Contact info

AddressMidtown, New York, NY 10017, US
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