Panxora Crypto I is designed for investors that want to benefit from the significant potential of cryptocurrency, but with less exposure to the substantial drawdowns that are characteristic of a crypto buy and hold strategy.
Panxora has developed AI models adapted to the behaviour of the cryptocurrency markets. They are designed to take advantage of upward trends while acting quickly to the limit the losses experienced when the markets decline sharply in value.

Delivering the potential of cryptocurrency while limiting downside risk

The goal of Panxora Crypto I is to outperform a buy and hold cryptocurrency strategy. The Fund is unleveraged, generating excess returns by only taking long positions in up to 20 of the most liquid cryptocurrencies. The trading approach is 100% systematic. Discretion is only applied to the selection of cryptocurrencies included in the trading programme based on liquidity statistics and market capitalization.

The fund achieves a return delta of 40% during crypto up markets and only 27% during down markets. This 13% differential is the key factor that delivers a significantly better Sharpe Ratio compared to a buy and hold strategy.

The trading models use AI categorisation techniques to identify conventional trading models that, in combination, deliver excess risk adjusted returns.

The training paradigm focuses on risk mitigation not market forecast or outright profit optimisation. The resulting models have developed a trend following bias with early exit as volatility increases.

Basic overview

Fund NamePanxora Crypto I Hedge Fund
Fund DomicileCayman Islands
StrategyAlgo / Long-only / Hedge Funds
InvestorsAccredited / Institutional
AUM< $10m

Fund Details

Management Fee2%
Performance Fee20%

Performance Sample

YTDJuly 2020June 2020May 2020April 2020March 2020
Panxora Crypto I Hedge Fund18.4%18.2%-3.0%-2.3%6.1%-0.4%


General PartnerGavin Smith
PartnerMarcie Terman
Financial DirectorAndrew Haicalis

Contact info

AddressThe Balmoral Corporate Centre Sanford Drive, Unit E, 3rd Floor, Nassau, Nassau 9934, BS
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